A Brand New Regular Car?Or A Used Luxury Car?

This is continuing to be a hot topic among car enthusiasts would you spend money on a brand new lower tier car or spend it on a higher-end luxury car but already used? A brand new non-luxury car or a luxury car albeit a few years older. There are two sides in every story and here it is even more so. It is not apparent at a glance what the advantages are between the two choices. There are a multitude of choices for both selections so it is best to localize your search if you are in Chicago, search for luxury cars for sale in chicago and you will be presented with local and narrowed down choices to look at. The number of choices can be overwhelming, so make sure that you start a localized search to help you along the selection process. Read on below for some of the pros and cons between a used luxury car and a brand new non-luxury car.

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Non-Luxury Car, Brand New – Pros And Cons

     Being brand new, the car will be in the top and perfect condition you will be the first owner. New cars come with as much warranty as its manufacturer can afford to give, most with a minimum of a three-year warranty attached. Better and wider availability are also among the pros that a new car will give you. A newer car will also be chock full of tech, it just goes with the territory of being “new”. These technologies will be in the form of safety, navigation, automation and smartphone integration. On top of that, you also have better incentives for buying which will cause cheaper overall prices. In terms of maintenance virtually all new cars come with free maintenance and that only for tire rotations and oil changes. As far as the Cons go it’ll be just an everyday drive and the depreciation on normal and regular cars is downright horrible. It loses value the moment it rolls off the car dealership lot. 

 Used Luxury Car – Pros And Cons

If you go with a luxury car, you will have a much nicer car by a long shot. It is probably loaded with all the tech that is in a newer vehicle because all the tech will be put into higher-end models before they trickle down to the ordinary everyday car everyone will be driving. On top of that, you will have very little depreciation. A luxury car is a statement and owning even an older model is really quite that, a statement. On the cons side, the car may have little to no warranty. Add that to a more costly maintenance of an older car due to it having more mileage. It also may not have all the bells and whistles that you may be wanting.

Bottom line

Take your pick of the car that feels right for you. Taking it for a spin before buying will settle that. It all depends and boils down to personal preferences.

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