A CPO (certified pre-owned car) is a type of used car. These are superior to those second cars as they are inspected properly before being enlisted for sale. The inspection & the verification is performed by a certified authority or associates of the manufacturing company.

The process of inspection not only includes the proper diagnosis of the car but also looks for proper documentation as well as potential future issues. These cars feature some benefits like they are being provided an extended warranty, latest gen accessories & any necessary upgrades as well as repairs/

Used car VS CPO cars

There is not much difference between used cars and CPO cars. In case of certified pre-owned cars, the cars are thoroughly inspected and tested so that it meets the certain standards for condition, quality, and history before being sold.

It has run for fewer miles and is better maintained and carefully inspected than a used car. In case of used cars, they may or may not provide a warranty. They are usually second-handed and may have one or more than one owner. They generally cost a bit lower than certified pre-owned cars but these cars pass through a lot of rigorous testing to ensure the health of the vehicle is fit to handle all the off-road troubles.

Used cars in el cajon


CPO could be the desired option while buying a car. It’s a less used care. Advantages of preferring a CPO is as under:

  1. Guarantee at a lower price: The price of a new car has a very important impact on its sale. In such cases, CPOs’ have an advantage. They cost less as compared to new cars. Further, they provide the best value for money for any car.
  2. Full Maintenance: CPO before going for sale are thoroughly inspected and checked for any minor or major faults so that the person buying the car does not face any difficulty. A test drive is also conducted in order to check the accelerator, brake, clutch etc. Only after they are satisfied, they put on to the selling market.
  3. More options: Choosing a car from the CPO provides a wider variety of options to choose from. While buying a car from a CPO program, there is no rush as there is while buying a new car.
  4. Extended warranty: CPO programs provide an extension to the original manufacturer’s warranty varying from a period of 6 months to 1 year.


Buying used cars in el cajon may seem a bit expensive than buying it from a private seller. There are through additional advantages which make them have a complete value for money. Although the vehicles may be a few years old, CPO cars are reconditioned before they are offered for sale, so that they provide the buyer with the exact new car experience.