What you must check when performing a used car inspection on your own

A vehicle history report from prox can cost you some money, but it is worth that as it gives a proper expert advice whether the car is worth buying or not. It can also help you estimate the amount that can be paid for used car dealerships in riverside. But if you think that you can trust the seller or the dealer and do not want to spend on the vehicle history report then you can inspect the used car on your own or with a friend or your garage person. But even if you are doing the inspection on your own, you must take care of these 4 things in order to avoid any sort of problems and make your purchase of a used car completely hassle free.

  • Check the exterior of the vehicle – you must check the look and exterior of the body first. If that is only not proper then obviously the interior will be much damaged. Also if you are buying a car it must look good and classy and suit your personality. Hence exterior check of the vehicle is important. Keep a note of all the dents, gaps, spots and scratches that you find on the car. Check the gap between the fenders and the doors too. Check the flashlights and the color finishing of the vehicle too. Look out for rust. You must check the glasses, suspension, frame, lenses, lights, exhaust system as well as the tires.

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  • Check under the hood – you must examine the engine for leakage or corrosion. Checking under the hood is a good way to know the quality of the vehicle. Make sure that the belts do not have cracks or are not dying out. Hoses must not be soft. Check the coolant, oil as well as the transmission fluid.
  • Check the inside of the car – check the upholstery for damage and also seats. Check the cooling of the air conditioner if any. Note the odometer reading and check the mileage of your vehicle. Also, check the additional features and functions present inside the car before buying it.
  • Do a test drive of the car – this will help you get a feel for the steering, balancing, accelerator as well as the brakes. If the vehicle is good to drive on slopes, uneven roads turn etc then it is good to buy.

If you think this is too much work then you must buy a vehicle history report from prox.

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