Victory! Tips and Tricks for Clash of Clans Beginners

Raiding, building, defending, and strategic planning – these are but a few of the key elements as to how Clash of Clans became one of the most popular “premium” games available on the mobile app market. Ever since it dawned into the Google Play Store and iOS App Store back in 2012, it almost consistently preserved its reign over the millions of other apps within the mobile gaming category.

About five years later after its release, and it’s still no wonder why many new players are downloading and continuously playing the mobile application for one good reason – it’s highly addicting. If you’re a new player and would like to rise quickly in the ranks of your clan, then here are some tips and tricks that may guide you to the path of victory.

Gather Your Resources

 Whenever you defeat other players, you acquire resources to train troops, create establishments, and use spells. Victories enable you to snag much-needed trophies as well, and these spoils of war allow you to determine your current league. Gather as many resources as possible by joining clan wars, or you can make use of other methods such as astuce clash of clans to gain the upper hand over your opponents.

Proper Gem Management Techniques

 Like in real life, managing your Clash of Clans gems is similar to organizing your savings. In other words, don’t blow all of them in one go. Save your gems for rainy days or perhaps when another player raids your village. You don’t want to be caught dead when you log into the game only to find out about your crushing defeat and you have nothing for retraining troops or repairing buildings.

Patience is an Absolute Virtue in Clash of Clans

Some upgrades can take minutes to complete whereas some can take days (and even weeks!). If you want to complete your upgrades before the allotted time, then you can spend the required resources to boost production. However, each resource in the game is highly important, and blowing it all in one fast upgrade can give you crushing defeats if your resources are spent unwisely. So if you don’t have enough resources for a fast upgrade, then just wait it out. You might even want to play other mobile games while you’re patiently waiting or formulate clan war strategies with fellow teammates.

Research Base Layout and Construction, Then Formulate Your Own

 When you search online for the top defending players, you’ll see they have a superb way of laying out their buildings, troops, and traps for defense. Learn from them, and you can even formulate your own village design depending on what you currently have. If you have a level 5 Town Hall but the design you’re looking at already has a level 7 Town Hall, then use your current abilities and troops to your advantage.

With these tips and tricks, you might find it easy to achieve victory after victory in Clash of Clans. However, don’t let all the victories get into your head. Once you get enough trophies, you might want to take it slow for a bit to gather more resources for future bouts.

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