The Role of Detectives in Divorce Proceedings

Looking for a trustworthy detective agency to handle your divorce matters can be quite hard. You need to find a detektyw or a detective who knows what they are doing. Divorce is not an easy case. It takes time and money. And if you put your divorce case in the wrong hands, you might end up wasting your precious time and hard-earned money.

Divorce Proceedings

            The process usually starts with a separation that may be informal or through a court order. A “legal separation” is through a court order. There are cases when the individual does not go through the separation process anymore and just file a divorce right away. But what is the exact divorce process?

What can A Detective Do?

            Before filing for a divorce, you would need all the evidence that you can get from your spouse. This is why you need to get the best detektyw or detective in town. The activities that is covered by detectives usually include:

  • Will develop a plan and strategy
  • Observe your husband or wife discreetly
  • Gather all the information about your spouse’s behavior
  • Find out information about lovers as well as witnesses
  • Prepare the necessary evidence and written report
  • Transfer any recorded video and photos
  • Update customer about any progress of the investigation
  • Submit testimony in Court

The Divorce Process

  • Separation. As mentioned above, this is the first step of the divorce process. This is when one spouse decides to move out of the shared residence. This can be a trial separation where the couple decide if divorce is needed, or maybe they can still be back together.
  • Filing a Petition. One can only file for divorce in the state where you love as long as you have met the necessary separation requirements. This is also called “complaint for Dissolution of Marriage”. Here, forms should be completed, fees paid, and papers filed.
  • The Agreement. This is one of the most important yet difficult parts of the divorce. This is where agreeing on how to equally divide properties and debts. This is also where child custody is discussed.
  • Trial. This is where the battle starts. This part can be painful and frustrating at the same time. The judge will base the final decision on all of the evidence presented, which usually happens right away or just within a few hours.

Finding the best detective agency might just be the answer to your problems when it comes to the success of your divorce process. You must understand that with all the options that you have, it is important to choose the agency who has the best experiences in this kind of matter. A divorce process is already a painful experience, don’t let incompetent detective agencies add more problems to your plate.

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