Wormwood Essential Oil – Health Benefits

Absinthe essential oil is one of the most controversial essential oils. Originally from Eastern Europe, particularly in Bulgaria, it has the botanical name Artemisia annua L. This high-powered plant is also known as Green Ginger and Absintium. Since 1905, France has already banned the production of distilled spirits from this plant, which, from a scientific point of view, turned out to be highly narcotic, addictive and even poisonous. In fact, people who drank alcohol observed hallucinations, strong anxiety, and even memory loss. But sweet wormwood health benefits can not be discussed. All poisons have some medicinal value. This is especially true for Wormwood, an annual plant assembled between the months of August and September in Europe. Unlike other vegetable oils used in the production of other essential oils, it is not known the country commercially cultivating this controversial plant.

Wormwood oil has a component of thujone, which makes it toxic.

But the same thistle makes Wormwood the perfect deodorant due to its distinctive smell and its properties, in order to kill bacteria that can cause body odor. Its fragrance is so strong that it can serve as an insecticide and pesticide because it is poisonous to these creatures. Of course, care should be taken when using it. It is usually diluted to avoid inhalation, which can be fatal.

proper digestion of food

It is also a well-known and effective choleretic agent.

Thus, it helps in proper digestion of food, helping in the secretion of bile, which, in turn, is responsible for the decomposition of food. Again, it should be used in artemisia annua cancer dosage when used as an aid in secretion and stimulation of bile. Wormwood essential oil can help maintain a balance of acid and base in the stomach, neutralizing excessive acid production, a condition that can cause ulcers and other problems associated with stomach acidity.

From its own name, the essential oil of wormwood has been used since ancient times as a means to expel parasitic worms in the body. Bloodworms, tapeworms and the like are said to reject Wormwood. It is possible for children to have adequate digestion of their food nutrients instead of having a parasitic worm, which instead eats most of these nutrients. Wormwood essential oil can be used to treat other perennial problems with the body, such as anorexia, insomnia, anemia, flatulence and many others.

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