Make Any Room of Your House Better With These Tips

Designing your home is easier said than done. One minute you’re looking at an area of your home, thinking that you’re going to breeze through the redecorating only to find out that it’s going to make you do more work than initially intended. You might even think, “I should’ve studied interior design back in college.”

While it might become difficult for a complete beginner to go through with the whole process of redecorating your home, it’s by no means impossible. There are some basic principles that you can follow that can guide you on the right path to a better-looking home. Consider this guide as a foundation for creating your personal space filled with creativity and quirkiness.

Select the Paint Color Last

Many homeowners decide on what new paint to cover their walls and ceilings of their home when they start redecorating the place. After the all, the logic behind the thought is secure; who doesn’t want to see their home with a fresh coat of paint, right? It’s still okay to start the entire redecorating process by selecting the right color for the area, but there’s another way to do it. Instead of picking the paint color first, do it at the last part of the process. It’s because there are literally thousands of paint colors to choose from the market. You’re going to have to rummage through different tones, tints, and shades. What’s worse is that if you start painting the room first and then bring in your new furniture afterward, you might decide that the paint isn’t the right one. As such, it’s a safer option to paint the room with your ideal color during the last moments of your redecorating operations.

Apply Some Breathing Room

You might feel the urge to put in tons of stuff inside one room of your home. For example, you might be a tech geek that wants to fill your living room with speakers, a large screen TV, and other technological marvels. In the end, it’ll look cluttered and the idea of bringing comfort to the area is lost. Keep in mind that a relaxed way of living is moving around your home with ease. You don’t need to fill up any given space inside your home with furniture or other items. Go for the minimalist approach if possible.

Hang Pieces of Art at the Right Height

When you want to hang artwork, you might want to visit your local art gallery first. Galleries and museums tend to hang pieces of art in the center of each piece. In other words, it’s going to be 57 to 60-inches from the floor. It’s because the average human eye level is at this height range. Therefore, you should do the same; when you’re hanging artwork, the height needs to be in relation to human scale. Many homeowners make the mistake of following the scale of the room, and this scenario might lead to complicated design structures.

Arranging Furniture on a Rug the Right Way

There are three basic ways to arrange furniture when it’s sitting on top of a rug or carpet: all on, all off, and front on. When we say all on, it means that all of the legs of your furniture are on top of the rug. All off just means the opposite of all on. Lastly, the front on technique when putting your furniture where there’s a rug in the room means that you only put the front feet of your chairs, tables, or sofas to create a visually-defining space.

Lastly, never forget to add sufficient lighting to the room. If all else fails or if you’re having too much trouble redecorating your home, call in the professionals right from the get-go. You can check out a reliable Interior decorator boulder for that much-needed assistance.

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