History of SEO: The Evolution of a new Revolution

Search Engine Optimization, commonly known as SEO is not something new for at least people owning a business or for marketers. SEO plays a very important role in increasing the visibility of a particular website on the non-paid section of the search engine results. SEO experts use various SEO tools including basic SEO tools which are free. These basic SEO tools help them push a particular website to the top of the search engine results list.

basic SEO

The internet itself underwent through a long evolution to become what it looks like now. As the internet gained popularity and marketers found a vast platform to promote the products and services of their clients, there was a need for tools that helped in data organization. This inspired developers to create some means to make organization of distributed data easier.


SEO is closely connected to search engines because SEO is operational in search engine results. The first search engine was identified in 1990 as a part of a school project but it was way different from how the modern day search engines work. In 1992, hyper-text paradigm was used by Gopher for the first time in the history. In the next year, the graphical web browser, Mosaic improved the already existing hyper-text based interface.


A few years later in 1998, most of the modern day search engines were on the path of their development. Soon, the World Wide Web or the internet from being just a platform for sharing files and data became a huge opening for e-commerce and online marketing. The pioneers of SEO realized that the internet was a platform for money making and marketing.

In 1994, Greg Boser sold fire protective foam on the internet and in 1996, Christine Churchill used the internet to sell software developed by her husband and his friend. Both Boser and Churchill created their own websites and explored new ways to drive potential customers to visit their website.

basic SEO

The SEO pioneers met each other and discussed about the new internet marketing concept and also subscribed to email marketing newsletters. These people were totally into the concept that when John Audette formed the Multimedia Marketing Group in Oregon, USA, 4000 copies of his book on internet marketing which cost 30 Dollars each were sold. The huge success of the book back then throws light into the fact that people were curious about marketing and business online and they knew the potential of the internet.

The history of the birth and evolution till today is not something that’s clear cut. It is just like the evolution of the internet and that of the search engines. Even though it has been more than 20 years since the internet was born, the only thing we can be sure about SEO is that the pioneers of SEO competed with each other and sometimes brainstormed together to make the most out of it. Even now, the internet and  SEO is under constant evolution giving birth to new modern day pioneers.

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