You’ve probably had a random urine exam done to you when you were at school or at the work place. It’s a way to ensure either students or employees aren’t taking illegal substances. After all, if you find out someone is taking drugs you’d want to help them out, right? But, it could also mean expulsion or termination if you’re caught red handed.

Now, just because you take recreational drugs here and there doesn’t mean you’re automatically a junkie. Unfortunately, that’s how it can appear. Maybe during a party, you ate one brownie laced with marijuana. It’s harmless on its own but it can make you look like an addict during a drug test. It’s not the reputation that you want nor to deserve.

 The best synthetic urine among the rest.

One way to outsmart these random drug tests is to keep fake urine kits with you. Like the name of the product, these are designed to simulate actual human urine for those pesky times the drug tests come knocking. Now, you have to be careful when you can use these substances and when you shouldn’t. After all, you don’t want to get caught. If you’re taking a urine exam where you’re not being supervised then go ahead. But, if you’re being watched it’s best not to take the risk.

Things you need to know.

If you decide to go down this route and use one of the synthetic urine brands then you should know what they contain and how it mimics the effects. These substances make use of urea and uric acid to simulate actual pee. It has the same color and smell but without any hint of marijuana that you’ve been taking and the pH has a range between 4.6 – 8. Make sure these are present when you use one of the substances otherwise you’ll get into deeper trouble.

Practice Makes Perfect

 Before you go one and use it during the actual exam. It’s always best to try it out at home. Different people have different methods. Some even build strange apparatuses to conceal the fake piss. Either way, the choice is yours.

You shouldn’t be ashamed or punished for using marijuana occasionally. It shouldn’t stop you from completing your studies or having a decent job. Hopefully, with products like these, you can continue the use and still be a contributing citizen. Check out for more info.