Low cost and high safety with Blickle casters

Manufactures and bulky establishments cover heavyweight material with tons of weight. They need to supply from one area to another like clearance area to construction or work zone. For this solid movement from one department to other, it has needed to provide efficient results. It is costly to organization and safety issues are also to be considered. Correspondingly it consumes the proportion of time that lead to excess operational hours. To resolve these complications, organizations will choose push and pull containers with adjustable wheels and casters. These moved containers will have the load capacity of 45 tons, typically depends on design and flexibility of the movement. They are mass-produced through substantial of iron, plastic, rubber, polyurethane, forged steel, stainless steel and aluminum and other. Based on their usage, they were divided into two categories. Swivel casters are moving in multiple directions, 360 degrees direction and rigid casters will only move opposite track. Rigid casters are stronger than swivel, based on our company requirements we choose most suitable caster and wheels. Firms manufacture these casters in different sizes and for various usages. Companies like Blickle, Hamilton casters and wheels are manufacturing these items. Blickle casters and others are available in online market.

Numeral makers are available in the market for casters and wheels. Choosing the best is a big question. So before stepping into selection, we need to identify the exact requirement of our engineering area. Consider these elements before we decide about casters.

  • Load capacity
  • Floor type
  • Floor condition
  • Environment
  • Floor debris

In case our company operational activities require moving high weight stuff, it needs heavy capacity casters. The floor is hard or smooth and any bumps are there or if the floor had cracks these all are to be considered because different casters are used in different situations. Environmental circumstances also play a key role, operational areas are wet and deep freeze or high-temperature conditions also considered. In some working areas, floor comprises so much of debris so some variety of casters and wheels does not move, based on that choose the correct one before it introduced to working range. Otherwise, it leads to a lot of operational costs due to frequent failures of these items. Also, consider mounting plates, they will be available in 4 different sizes and wheel diameter. Wheels are available in different diameters, high capacity containers require bigger wheels that are five diameters and capable of 325lbs. large diameter wheels will roll simply, lesser ones are more stable in gravitational force conditions.

Generally, in most of the cases, the casters failure is transpired. Failure is not the only contingent on the structure or design of casters, it happens because of the inappropriate conditions and other significant issues.

Overloading beyond its volume may lead to failure. Even if it is accurately loaded when the caster is moving in the rough floors the bumps causes increase in weight, so it will fail to manage that excess weight, G-forces are prominently affected the performance, for example, it’s capacity is for loading is hundred kg, when it hits a bump and experience five gravity force, it will carry 500kgs at that moment. This impact can cause a catastrophic failure of it. Another one is excess swivel, the fine balance between axle and center of kingpin ensures ergonomic efficiency. Having excessive swivel offset roots to break of yoke legs. Using the wrong bearing type is also causes disappointment; bearings limit movement to preferred motion and reduce friction between parts within the caster.

Environmental conditions also considered in the selection of castors, which doesn’t have stainless steel or chrome finishes will suite for wet environments. Surface characteristics (rough, uneven, slope) and debris in the workplace also considered for the fine moving of casters.

The speed of the movement is one main element to consider, different casters available for manual material handling cart and towable cart. Catastrophic failures occur due to overheating, damage to bearings and damage to caster wheels.

Thin top plates of a caster are no longer having the capacity to bear the load; it easily bends out of shape and accordingly affects the directional intent. Use of hardened top plates can eliminate this problem.

Extreme temperatures tremendously affect the performance of a caster. Generally, many of its wheels are made from a variety of polymers and rubbers, so in high-temperature conditions, they may tend to lose their material properties. The temperature in the operating environment is one of the key factors to plan about casters and wheels.

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