The Tent that Nurtures

Growing marijuana is legal in some places but is illicit in other areas. For areas where growing marijuana is legal, it is suggested that it is done indoors. In a grow room, you are in full control of certain environmental factors that affect the growth of the plant. These include the temperature, source and amount of light, humidity, and carbon dioxide levels. You can also adjust certain conditions to make the environment conducive for a particular stage of the plants’ growth.

One of the ways of growing marijuana indoors is through the use of a grow tent. The 4 x 4 grow tent is considered as an ideal choice that is conducive for growing marijuana.

 Why Use a Grow Tent?

Using the grow tent allows you to save because you don’t have to go to your dispensary to continually buy marijuana. Growing marijuana without using a grow tent makes supplies and maintenance more expensive. Aside from this, you also exercise full control of what your marijuana plants are exposed to. Should there be any problem you exactly know how to get out of it.

The 4 x 4 Grow Tent Edge

The use of a 4×4 grow tent is considered as the easiest way to grow marijuana. You have everything contained in one place. You also are rid of setting aside an entire room to grow marijuana. You can place the tent in one corner of a room and provide an environment conducive for the growth of the plants. You don’t also have to worry for the intrusion of outside elements. Maintenance is also easily facilitated and can be safely done. You don’t need to go out to do it.

 Lighting the Tent

Using a grow tent may be the most ideal thing to do in growing marijuana indoors. However, there are certain things that you have to consider so that your effort and expenses of growing marijuana are not wasted. The grow tent must be equipped with a lighting system. When the lamps used are 600 – watt sodium lamps, they must be placed 50 cm to 60 cm away from the plants. When using 400 – watt sodium lamps, they must be placed 35 cm to 40 cm away from the plants. The lamps should also be raised with the growth of the plants, maintaining the same distance from the plants’ tops.

 Temperature and Humidity in the Grow Tent

Temperature is important in the development and growth of the marijuana plants. The maximum temperature inside the grow tent is 31°C while the minimum temperature is 17oC. However, the ideal temperature range is form 20oC to 28oC. The maximum relative humidity is at the 75% while the minimum relative humidity is at 20%. The ideal humidity ranges from 40% to 60%. A thermo-hygrometer is needed to control these parameters in the grow tent.


There are certain advantages using the grow tent in growing marijuana. These advantages can be translated to good harvest later on when appropriate or ideal environmental factors such as lighting, temperature, and humidity are provided to the plants.







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