What You Wanted To Know About Viking Armband?

Fashion world nowadays crave for antique jewellery and Viking jewellery comes from the same genre. It also has a historic value and meaningful design which make it more attractive. Another variant of this jewellery is armband.

Armband is unisex jewellery and has a huge craze among both boys and girls.

History: The most striking part of Viking armband is its historical value.

In spite of doing farming or getting involved as a soldier in army, some creative people manufactured jewellery and ornaments for their living. They make jewellery with very basic metals like gold, silver, and bronze as well as glass, jet, and amber and even with woods. Another attracting component is ivory stones.

As the people in ancient age were very close to nature, most of the design depicts one of the natural phenomenons within it.

viking armband

Speciality of Armbands:

Armbands were bravery medals won by great soldiers from the chief of the country. So it conveys bravery, power, wealth and strengths. So it’s a valuable procession among Vikings. Another important thing to know is the market value of these armbands. Since they are made up of costly metals like gold, silver, bronze they are also used as currency.

About the design:

The designs of the jewellery are very deep and not easily understandable by people not much sense of thought. The elements of nature flowers, trees, sun, moon, fire, animals are commonly engraved in various kind of geometrical and asymmetrical shape. It takes a lot of time and patience for each of master piece art work and every one of them depicts a very strong emotion. Since the chief brave people of the community wear those ornaments, they commonly convey message of bravery, strength and power which gives a different shade to the look of the person wearing it. The opening of the armband has usually an animal painted to it. Mostly it’s a dragon or a snake indicating fierce nature or serene and focus nature respectively. It also has Celtics cuff engraved on it.

Viking armband itself is very comfortable to wear and don’t have size issue or problem regarding how to wear because of the adjustable openings. If you need to convey your strong personality Viking armbands are best to wear. Hope you find your perfect choice.

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