Myths about you tube comments

You tube is most watched online video content option. There are close to 300 hours of different video media content that is uploaded on youtube each day.  These video may be of different topics and there are thus different viewers for them all. The youtube comments are a good evaluation base which shows how these videos are received by the audience. There are options of buying these youtube comments to attract more crowd to the channel. Let’s face it, even the good video content will call for some promotion by self.

There are some myths that revolve around the buying youtube comments

  • It’s illegal:– It is not, buying youtube comments is a legal process. One thing that should be kept in mind is abiding by the terms and conditions provided by youtube. The rest of the processes are very much accepted.
  • Video will get deleted: – there are many links that lead to videos not available. These are not due to buying the comments but due to the content which was against the policies. If the content is appropriate and well within the permissible limits then the video will not be deleted.

  • Account will get banned:– repeating the above information, any youtube account will only get banned when the videos will have inappropriate content. If the policy of Youtube is violated in any form then the account is banned and the content is removed else any other thing within limit will be accepted.
  • All bought views are fake:– This is a common myth that bought views are auto generated. The truth is that it is like paying someone to genuinely watch a video and then comment on it with the reviews. The Youtube comment buying is a created process but it is not computed. Yes, it is important here to choose the right kind of service provider who will send you quality comments and not hoax
  • Similar views are created:– Many who have deeply understood the process still fear that the views will be the same. It is not the case when the quality content provider does the work for you. The views generated are genuine with actual people around the globe viewing the video and commenting on it.

Youtube has grown exponentially and the viewers have also increased. There is a huge revenue collection even by youtube for the comments and viewing and hence it is now turned into a business model.

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